I`m painting with light and pixels world`s beauty.

Photography is not an occupation, a hobby; it`s a way of life. Light is Life. Photography is Life.

Art Photography

I believe that photography is a form of painting, only that us, photographers, are not putting on canvas colors and designs, but try to capture a moment, a mood, an emotion, a fraction of time and light, and somehow to catch it and to immortalize it, thus being creators of our world history. I do art photography to present my own artistic vision of the surrounding world. Every image that I capture will be a photo that I create. I try to paint with light!

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Commercial Photography

I am a professional photographer specialized in commercial product photography, digital post-processing and web advertising. The photo services offered through this site are: professional portraits, architecture and indoor photography, product photography, industrial, medicine, technology, tourism, hotels and restaurants photography, event and corporate photography, wedding and fashion photography, stock photography.

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From The Blog


Most of my exhibitions took place in Arad, when I was a member of Foto Club Arad, between 2005 and 2007. Those days, my activity was somehow more intense, if we speak of exhibitions. The most representative of these [...]

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Contests & Awards

In my early days as a photographer (and later on, off course), I participated in many photo contests and had some good results. Most of them were online competitions. In this section, you can see which were these contests and which [...]

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Now, this is an aspect of my activity which has a great interest to me. So far, I had some articles published in various photo & travel magazines, and also in some books, but … But I`m very keen to see more of my photos published to print. [...]

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